In a world where difference between backgrounds and cultures are as clear as day, it’s no longer a mystery why the world needs a concept such as multiculturalism. In Brabant, especially, where cultures are diverse and populous, people will find solace in the fact that their particular and unique culture is accepted and embraced, with no prejudice whatsoever.

Perhaps you have some questions in your head about promoting multiculturalism. Allow the following questions and their respective answers to assist you in your understanding.

What is multiculturalism?

As defined, multiculturalism is simply the presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society. This website, however, promotes the second element – promoting support for these diverse groups.

Why should multiculturalism be promoted?

It should be promoted because the reverse is very real – people are getting discriminated against or condemned on the basis of culture, which is a wrong practice. Everyone is born equal, regardless of skin color or geographical origin.

I’m just one individual. What can I possibly do for multiculturalism?

Even a single person can make a change. All you have to begin doing is to expand your horizon of thinking, for instance, be more sensitive in your word-usage. Make sure that there are no racist slurs in your language. Friends and strangers will appreciate you more for it.